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Berna (Switzerland)

render / dining area
"The furnishing of our house becomes the theatre of private life, those scenes where every room allows change, the dynamics of attitudes and situations: it is the stage house."
- Alessandro Mendini
The project focuses on the realization of the living area of a 90 sqm apartment located in a residential complex in Bern. The absence of partitions in the living area and the wide opening to the outside suggest the design of a unique space where the different functions intersect and overlap seamlessly. The materials and finishes are chosen in order to enhance the brightness and spatiality of the environment.
render / living room
In continuity with the kitchen and dining room, the living area completes the living area. The large windows and the glass wall define and delimit the space. The equipped wall, arranged in front of the sofa, is composed of shelves and storage units. By exploiting different sizes and lengths, these shelves help to connect and unify the spaces. The materials used are once again Oak wood, natural and red lacquered, and metal painted black, so as to bond with the dining area and design a fully recognizable area.
The dining area is placed in continuity with the kitchen. The linear structure of the table is reproposed in the design of the wall bookcase, where wood and metal are combined with the red paint of the wall. To complete the living area, there is the living area, which enjoys a lot of brightness.
render / dining room

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