Private (Italy)


Modular display

Three different concepts:
concept parà

3 sizes - widths 30 cm, 62.5 cm, 88.5 cm.

Each module is made up of strips fixed to a base; in each of them a strip of leds is inserted to allow indirect lighting to the shelves. The modules can be fixed to the wall, by means of special hooks; or joined together to create a modular wall. The possibility of joining several modules allows a dynamic and multiple customizations depending on the space to be configured.
concept parà / detail
concept parà / detail

interlocking concept

120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm.

The structure is configured as a single block open on two opposite sides, respectively. Inside this structure, two milled sections allow the insertion of shelves of different sizes, which contribute to define the space in relation to your exhibition needs. The same milling is also proposed on the outside to allow the connection of several display modules.
interlocking concept / detail
interlocking concept / single module

concept totem

100 cm x 70 cm x 160 cm.

The module consists mainly of two overlapping panels, one wooden and one metal, which together form a regular grid into which the shelves can be inserted. This panel is inserted in a metal structure that contains strips of LEDs inside. The structure can also be fixed to the wall.
concept totem / detail

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